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Unlike regular PDOs, HDPDO (high-density poly-dioxanone) is made under high temperature and pressure to hold maximum tensile strength, resist enzymatic attack and become more thermal resistant, making it stronger and long lasting.

• Results May Vary

what is pdo and why hd?

Polydioxanone (PDO) is proven to be one of the most biocompatible materials. PDO threads are a new range of absorbable surgical suture, specifically designed for nonsurgical treatment of the face and body.

  • FDA Cleared

  • Instant Results

  • Quick Recovery

  • Topical Numbing Only

How does it work?

As we get older our bodies produce less collagen, which directly affects our skin strength. Old skin becomes weak and unable to support tissue the way it used to. Reactivating collagen through thread lifting helps restore and rebuild damaged skin. You should notice improvement in your skin’s structure and tone after your thread lifting treatment.


Using the unique technology of threading, tissues are held in place without any visible scarring. Threads advanced through tiny incisions made behind the hairline begin to lift targeted skin. Once in place, your body forms new collagen bundles around the thread, which maintain the hold. Unlike typical sutures, threads have tiny barbs or cogs that grab onto the skin. Once inserted into the skin they open up to create a support structure that can manipulate the tissue by lifting and repositioning it. The threads stay under the skin where they cannot be felt or seen, providing support to the loose skin.

Thread lifting sutures can be divided into two different categories: dissolvable and non-dissolvable sutures. The professionals at Entourage MD use dissolvable sutures, also known as Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures, made from the same dissolvable material as surgical sutures. They do not need to be removed because they are placed beneath the skin where they are absorbed.

The thread lift is usually performed in about an hour, depending on the area of the procedure. Unlike a facelift, threads are performed under local anesthesia, so you should be able to go back home following the procedure. You may experience minor swelling that can last for a few days, but many say the procedure itself is minimally painful.

PDO Threads Before & After

“I had the newest face lift technique… Threading performed by Dr Champlin. All I can say is WOW! What a difference it’s made.
It’s taken 10+ years off my face, and it’s reasonably priced in comparison to an invasive face lift. No down time, I highly recommend this procedure. I’m thrilled with the results after the first week and it’s going to get even better! Dr Champlin and his staff are truly professional and caring. Thank you!”

-Patsy D., Carmichael, CA

*Individual Results may vary